Parallel Port Interception System

Solution for parallel printing with the Sales Recording Module (SRM).

The Parallel Port Interception System (IPP) from Explora allows the Sales Recording Module to support a cash register or POS system using a parallel printer.

The IPP from Explora is the only interface for printing with a parallel printer that was qualified for use with the SRM by Revenu Québec.

What is the Sales Recording Module?

Revenu Québec has introduced a new law to fight tax evasion in the restaurant industry that requires restaurants to provide a receipt to its customers. This law requires that each restaurant install a Sales Recording Module, or SRM.

The SRM is a device connected to the Point Of Sale system (POS) and to the printer, which stores and maintains all transaction informations of the restaurant.

Equipment required to install the IPP:

  • A SRM selected by Revenu Québec.
  • A SRM-compatible cash register or point-of-sale system.
  • A SRM-compatible receipt printer.
  • A Parallel Port Interception System (IPP) qualified by Revenu Québec (required for the use of a parallel printer).

The obligation to produce the bill by a SRM:

To the obligation to provide a bill to all customers who came into force on September 1st 2010, is added a duty to produce it by means of a SRM. All restaurants and establishments targeted and registered with the QST file must begin to fulfill this obligation by November 1st 2011.

This requirement implies some changes in the way you operate your eating establishment, where the importance of:

  • Making sure you have the equipment required at the time of entry into force of new tax measures and that it is operational.
  • Knowing and producing the documents required to meet your obligations.

More information about the SRM:

Revenu Québec site about the SRM

Information for Restaurateurs

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