Eco Design

A positive environmental impact , by design.

Ecodesign is part of our design process. From the extraction of raw materials to the end of the product life, from the impact of its use on the environment, we are able to assess the ecological footprint of a product and suggest possible solutions to minimize its negative effects, without diminishing the quality and performance.

Green Business

Green doesn't have to be expensive, it's about making the right decisions at the right time in the design process to get a real positive impact. It can even results in costs saving. It is also a great source of inspiration.

By reducing the quantity of material in the shell of the product for example, or by optimizing the manufacturing process, we can have a positive impact not only on the waste at the end of the product life but also reduce the CO2 emitted from transportation at the different stages.

Your Customers Care

A sustainable product design and development will be well perceived by your customers. It is a great way for your company to promote social and environmental values. New opportunities can be created.

Regulations and Guidelines

Countries around the world are increasing their pollutants regulations and ask for certifications such as WEEE. Explora will design according to those regulations.

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