Production Engineering

A manufacturable product

Developing a product means more than only designing a prototype. Our production engineering service allows us to make sure that the resulting product will be optimized for manufacturability, testability as well as assembly costs reduction. That leads to a viable product, reduces time to market and minimizes its fabrication cost.

When collaborating with your team, Explora can help you rapidly set up for new products manufacturing by developing test tools and supporting production's startup.

Our Services

Collaborating with the development team to take into account :

  • Fabrication¬† (DFM)
  • Tests (DFT)
  • Assembly (DFA)
  • Service (DFS)

Manufacturing costs evaluation

  • Assembly Line
  • Tests time
  • Parts costs

Test tools development

  • Test bench and test softwares
  • Test sequences, Labview
  • Bed of nails

Support and Production startup

Our Expertise

We have a qualified team which can also take care of manufacturing and circuits assembly, mechanical parts fabrication, and products startup, circuits tests and qualification, so we can deliver a finished product if required.

  • Water tight and rugged products production startup.
  • Knowledge of IPC standards.
  • More than 15 years of complex products production startup and test tools design.

Products manufacturing

  • Circuits manufacturing and assembly.
  • Assembly and circuits inspection according to IPC standard.
  • Circuits startup, tests and qualifications.
  • Mechanical parts fabrication.
  • Products assembly.

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