Operating Systems Implementation

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Numerous designs throughout the years, especially for the implementation of operating systems and drivers development for portable computers, gave us the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with, and even master many operating systems such as Windows CE (Windows Embedded) and Linux, and technologies like WiFi, GSM, USB, Ethernet, RISC processors, etc.

We also have a well known expertise in the implementation of sophisticated power management for operating systems and battery powered devices.

Operating Systems Implementation

We offer a software development process that ensures a great reliability and a complete qualification of the product before its deployment.

  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development for Win CE, Linux and Android.
  • Development of low level software and firmware interface: Win CE and PC (Win32).

Power Management

Recognized Expertise in power management through operating systems and in battery powered designs.

Explora Platforms

Explora has also developed it's own WinCE platforms, the Avatar System On Module in order to lower the development time and costs on a new product design.

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