Electronic Engineering

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Explora offers comprehensive outsourcing services in electronic engineering and specializes in the design and development of portable products with operating systems and embedded systems for autonomous devices.

We have over 15 years of experience in designing products with analog and digital circuits for industrial and commercial custom equipments such as handheld computers, measure and test instruments, security and biometric units, emergency vehicle terminals and lighting control systems.

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Our Services

  • Advanced CPU based design for operating system integration.
  • DSP and microcontroller embedded design.
  • Electronic circuit design.
  • Advanced FPGA based design (VHDL).
  • Prototyping.
  • Complete product qualification.
  • Design for manufacturability, testability and service (DFM, DFT, DFS).

Our Expertise

  • Power management circuits and battery operated product design.
  • Design according to tight mechanical and space constraints (miniaturization).
  • Compact and efficient switching power supply circuit.
  • Expertise in technologies such as USB, SD, Compact Flash, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 802.11, and many others.
  • Custom LCD/touch screen design and integration.
  • Deep knowledge of battery technologies, protection and charging circuits, including custom battery pack design.
  • High speed and analog circuits design.
  • Design for EMI/ESD constraints.
  • Certification expertise (FCC, CE, UL,CSA,WEEE, etc).


We offer flexibility and rigor at all time to develop your project in electronics, whether big or small.

The team expertise and rigor in the development process allow us to work with major industry players. As such, we acquired a wealth of experience beneficial to your projects.

A Multidisciplinary Team

We work in tight collaboration with software designers to insure performance and development costs optimization, as well as with mechanical designers to adapt the electronic design to meet mechanical constraints.

Speed Up your Project Development

Explora is a recognized expert in the design of innovative, low power, portable products. We design our own platforms architecture, allowing us to offer you our platforms which improve processing performance and decrease development time and costs.

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