Handheld Identity Verification Unit

Identity management device that enables users to access crucial data in challenging environments. The compact handheld solution combines a fingerprint reader with a contact or contactless smart card reader for rapid identity verification in the field.

Case Studies

Challenges and objectives

  • Short development time frame with functionnal prototypes in 5 months.
  • Integration and support of numerous peripherals (touch screen, CCD camera, biometric sensor, smartcard reader, WIFI, GSM).
  • Low power system design.
  • Waterproof and drop resistant product (1 meter on concrete).
  • Compliance with the WEEE regulation in the context of a rugged product.


Explora did the mechanical and industrial design of the product as well as the electronic design and software development of the WinCE and BSP platform. The product benefits from a high level of integration between the electronic components and the mechanical parts, all within an ergonomic and distinctive design. It is a portable computer resistant to hash environments integrating all the security functionalities in a compact and reliable unit. The mandate also included the design of a charge and communication cradle with a holding mechanism.

The protection bumpers have been designed in such a way that they can be dismantled in order to respect the WEEE regulation while also being solidly anchored to the casing. We also did the manufacturing follow-up and qualification of the parts before production.

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