Emergency Bracelet

Emergency button with GPS and mobile phone for active seniors, solitary workers and sick people. Another version named Columba was also designed with virtual Geofence for the security of people with Alzheimer's disease. It can be worn as a watch, on a belt or on a necklace.

Case Studies

Challenges and objectives

  • Integration of a large number of electronic components in a small form factor.
  • Design of a completely waterproof product, IP67.
  • Numerous parts and mechanisms to design and manufacture.
  • Multiple product configurations (type and size of bracelets).


The mandate of this project was to redesign the old generation of the product by incorporating many additional components, while maintaining approximately the same dimensions. The watch includes a GPS, a cellular module, an OLED screen, an RF system and a lithium-polymer battery.

Two versions of the bracelets have been designed; one that can be removed by the wearer and the other requiring a key for people with Alzheimer's that could remove it by mistake. Each version offers different lengths for children and adults. It is also possible to carry the product on a belt using a clip or as a pendant. In addition to the wristwatch, the package includes a base for communication and an ingenious mobile charging system that allows for never having to remove the watch.

On a technical level, the use of multiple overmolding with a high level of accuracy allows a compact and sealed assembly with color variations. Explora has participated in all stages of the project from ideation to production.

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