Dental Caries Detection System

Device for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay. It can detect decay on smooth enamel surfaces, biting surfaces, between teeth and around existing amalgam or composite fillings.

Case Studies

Challenges and objectives

  • High precision alignment required for the optical elements.
  • Compact and ergonomic handpiece form factor.
  • New product that must stand out with a high-end design.
  • Numerous certifications and regulations.


The handpiece is manufactured entirely from machined aluminum parts to allow for a very precise, resistant and compact assembly. The handpiece is water resistant and includes an optical bench with an infrared laser and sensor system, plus a camera equipped with LEDs to image the data. A disposable tip and a protective bag are placed on the handpiece during exams to avoid contamination and to obtain the preferred focal distance for the laser.

The console contains the data acquisition and processing system. The housing design, in vertical format, minimizes the footprint required for the product in addition to facilitating the dispersion of heat by natural convection. The handpiece is housed in the front and the sensitive elements (apertures for laser beam and the camera) are protected. The casings were initially designed for a short series of urethane casting, then for injection molding.

The visual language represents the general idea of the Canary shape that is also the product logo. Finally, the pearl white paint is synonymous with dental health.

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